For My Dear Friends & wydians

•Ağustos 2, 2008 • Yorum Yapın

While i was starting to my topic firstly i want to say thx all.

i met a lot of friends in here and i saw very good friendships.

i played sd nearly 2 years and then i heard to sd is going to first times i was sad but my all ppl come to thw wydglobal.This game was different and it looking elegant then others.

And and and,there was a bigger different.thats this game if u got any problem u can ask your questions to the gms.they are working 24 hours and helping all members.Actually they are too patient xD coz i am asking too much question but they are helping everytime hehe

I like to spend my time in this game.I want to say this game isn’t hard.just u need to play a bit.There are a lot of event u can join.U can be sure u don’t need to spent money for grow and being strong.

and i want to share my picture with u guys.this was first times of my god char.I can’t forgot this screen i was very happy ^^

andd i growed 😀 now i m more enjoying coz when i saw my char i m being more happy.Wait me guys for fight.coz a hero borning

And ty guys for sharing your feelings with me and thx so much for listen to me.Smile everytime like me :DDDD


Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!